You CAN Program Your DNA to Defy Age

Much of what we call aging is actually a result of stress. Aside from changing our body chemistry, disrupting our body systems and creating toxic byproducts in our bodies, stress affects how we look on the outside: our posture, the way we move, and our faces. When we are stressed, our muscles tighten, and we lose our natural flexibility and gracefulness. Our facial muscles tighten into hard lines of worry, irritation or anger around our eyes, mouth, forehead and nose.

Research shows that stress even alters the DNA in our cells, causing them to age much faster and shortening our lifespan. But when we are calm and positive, explains research scientist Bruce Lipton, a pioneer in the new, holistic approach to biology, “we send totally different messages to our cells and reprogram their expression”.

But how do we find calm in this high stress world? Well, aside from nurturing our bodies with whole foods, pure water, exercise, rest, a clean environment and good health care, we can tap into our deep inner place of calm.

Here is a simple method that I use to calm myself in times of stress and centre myself in the present. It might take you a few practices to get the hang of it, but when you do, it works.

– Sit with your back straight (on the floor or a chair, as you prefer)

– Touch the tip of your tongue to the palate just behind your teeth. (This connects different areas of your energy body). Gently hold your tongue in that position throughout the exercise.

– Exhale completely through your mouth. You should hear yourself exhaling.

– Hold and count to 7 before inhaling.

– Inhale slowly through your nose to the count of 7 (Your abdomen should expand naturally)

– Hold the breath for the count of 7 (not to the point of discomfort)

– Repeat this breath cycle 3 times.

Use this breath whenever you find your self becoming upset or anxious, and want to develop a more positive attitude.

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