Yay Team!! Support Your Adrenals

Would you like to cope better with daily stresses? Could you do with more energy when faced with extra demands; to help you through workplace pressures and deadlines; let you exercise that little bit harder, respond to emergencies or manage the occasional serious stress? If you want to have the inner reserves to handle whatever life throws at you, then take care of your adrenal glands.

Your adrenals control the hormones that help you with stress. They help keep you calm and clear-headed; repair damaged tissues; control inflammation, and regulate blood sugar, sodium and potassium and body fluids. Adrenal hormones also help to keep your heart and blood vessels well-toned, and to rejuvenate your cells to keep you youthful. They are definitely worth taking care of.

Here are a few simple ways to keep your adrenal glands humming, and boost your ability to cope with stress. Even a few of these steps can increase your immunity, youthfulness and enjoyment of life:

• Eat lots of raw vegetables, nuts, fish, tofu and low GI carbs • Avoid all processed, fried, sugary or junk foods • Eat small frequent meals (3 meals a day plus healthy snacks such as a handful of nuts and raisins, fresh fruit with yogurt, a smoothie, hummus on rice crackers etc)

• Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, or 9 if you need more • Take Asian ginseng to improve adrenal function and aid with stress management

• Practice meditation, deep relaxation, Tai Chi or Qi Gong daily to energize the body, harmonize your energies, and release accumulated stress

• Take daily supplements to maintain optimal levels of adrenal-supporting nutrients. Most people do not get enough Vitamin C, and many are low in B vitamins such as Vitamin B5 and B6, which play a major role in the production of adrenal hormones. (We can help you determine just what supplements you need).

And after a particularly hard or trying day, why not treat yourself to something special like Renew You’s 30 min. energy-boosting, stress-reducing treat Mind Body Bliss therapy. So refreshing! (www.RenewYouJourney.com.au)



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