What Your Body Really Wants You to Eat

Do you realise that the modern diet is typically high in foods that are not only dead and therefore provide no real nutritional value, but are behind the rapid increase in chronic and serious diseases over the past century?

Why would you want to eat foods that actually harm you? Sugary refined foods, junk food, and saturated fats sap your energy, pile on flabby kilos, and alter your body chemistry, causing all kinds of healthful problems. Not only that, they age you much much faster than nature intended.

Junk and over processed foods also keep you hungry! Neuroendocrinologist Dr Zane Andrews found that free radicals in refined carbohydrates and sugars actually attack your brain cells, turning off your natural appetite control, so you eat more!

Refined carbs are also addictive. They convert into sugar, which supports the bad bacteria in your body. When you try cutting down, the little critters start demanding more. So you get sugar cravings.

If you want to get yourself off those packaged, processed, chemicalized foods, or wean off junk foods, try these tips:

• Make one meal every day a large rainbow salad for dinner. Include a variety of colourful vegetables, greens and a handful of sunflower seeds. Add chicken or tuna if you like. There are so many possible combinations.

• Eat good quality protein with every meal, including breakfast. Eggs, fish, chicken and lamb are good choices.

• Every morning and an hour before dinner, drink a glass of pure water with the fresh juice of half a lemon. It helps to balance your body pH.

If you eat well, your body will be better able to cope with an occasional (that’s occasional) unhealthy or sugary food. But after a while, you may find that you no longer want it. Once your body starts responding to the good stuff, it is no longer satisfied with empty calories/kilojoules from dead foods. Soon you’ll wonder why it took you so long to give your body the foods it really wants!

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