Tired? Achey? Your Filters May be Clogged

Toxins are a major cause of health problems and disease. Normally, our bodies can safely neutralize and/or eliminate toxins through natural metabolic processes, but in our increasingly toxic world, we are under constant seige from toxins. If we are not eating enough of  the foods or drinking enough of the pure water our bodies need to flush out toxins, or eating too much junk food or fatty, sugary, processed foods, toxins can easily accumulate in our tissues and cause all sorts of health issues. Also, medication, stress and infection can add to our toxic load, until the body can no longer cope. The body’s natural filters (gut, liver, kidney, lymph) can become clogged, and eventually, stop working properly.

Signs That Your Filters Are Not Working Properly
Because the body’s filters interact with all your body systems, clogged filters can create all kinds of symptoms. That’s why I always suspect toxic overload when a person comes to me with mysterious, chronic or recurring symptoms affecting different parts of the body. For example, if a client comes to me complaining of frequent sinus congestion, aching muscles, and painful swelling in her joints, I can usually tell that one or more of her filters is not working properly. Her sinus may be telling me that the digestive filter (the first one in the sequence) is faulty. Her muscle aches and pains are advising me that the second filter, the Liver, is finding it hard to do its job. Finally, aches and swelling at her joints warn us that her last filter, the Kidney, is not performing at its best.
If you frequently experience any of these symptoms, then one or more of your filters is probably clogged:
  • hay fever or sinus problems
  • unexplained pains, muscle aches, cramps
  • persistent fogginess or gloominess
  • stomach problems
  • headaches
  • frequent illness and/or slow recovery from illness
  • inflammation and swelling
  • frequent nausea
  • lethargy or lack of energy
  • sallow skin and dry or oily hair
  • weak, ridged nails
  • excessive mucous production.

It’s time to get your filters cleaned so that your immune system and other systems can function properly  to keep you healthy and repair daily wear and tear instead of struggling with toxins. Talk to your health practitioner, or do it yourself. You can find lots of detox info on the net, or if you don’t like research, there’s my Nutritional Therapy program available on www.beyondgoodhealth.com.au. Once you experience the benefits of detoxification, you’ll want to make it a regular part of your health routine. 

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