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Protecting against Prostate Cancer

Years of accumulated toxins such as chemicals, infectants and heavy metals can cause glands such as the prostate gland to prematurely deteriorate as if from advanced age. One way toxins do this is by changing the body’s environment, making it more acidic, which creates an ideal environment for free radicals and the growth of cancerous […]

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Your Bug Spray and Autoimmune Disease

We know that large-scale pesticide treatments are harmful to human beings, and research has already linked agricultural pesticides to autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. But Dr. Christine Parks wondered whether there was any risk from lower level use of pesticides. She and her research team at the National Institute of Environmental Health Services […]

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Are You Unwittingly Bathing in Toxins?

Did you know that of the thousands of chemicals used in cosmetic and personal care products, only a tiny fraction have ever been fully tested for toxicity? That includes chemicals used in child care products, many of which are labelled as ‘natural’, ‘safe’, or ‘recommended by doctors. The Environmental Working Group reported that “77% of […]

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