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Statin Drugs for Women?

I read an article in Time magazine that says around 12 million women in America are prescribed statin drugs. Most of them don’t have heart disease, just high cholesterol.

But are these drugs really beneficial? Not so much for women, researchers say.

Research shows that women do not get the same protective benefits from statins that men do. They are also more likely to experience serious side effects than men, including severe muscle pain, diabetes and memory loss.

So why are so many women taking these drugs? Because they’re afraid of dying of heart disease.

Yet high cholesterol is not a blueprint for heart disease. It’s one possible risk factor. What’s more, in most cases, cholesterol can be reduced with a combination of diet, exercise and fish oil. These same factors strengthen and tone the heart, improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

And learning to de-stress regularly with Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation or deep relaxation removes the real major cause of heart disease and emotional stress.

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Vitamin D for your Heart and So Much More

I’ve been coming across a lot of recent research showing that Vitamin D plays a much more important role in preventing disease and building health than anyone ever suspected. Yet research also shows that many people are deficient in this valuable nutrient. Why the deficiencies? Well, with all the concerns about skin cancer, more people […]

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