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Tired? Achey? Your Filters May be Clogged

Toxins are a major cause of health problems and disease. Normally, our bodies can safely neutralize and/or eliminate toxins through natural metabolic processes, but in our increasingly toxic world, we are under constant seige from toxins. If we are not eating enough of  the foods or drinking enough of the pure water our bodies need […]

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Why You Should Learn to Love Your Liver

When you visit a naturopath, a holistic doctor or a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, you will find that one of the first things they assess is the state of your liver. Frankly, I think that liver health should always be considered, as poor liver function contributes to a great many chronic health problems. A […]

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Raw Food Ideas

If cooked food is so good for you, why do we often feel so tired after eating it, and head for the couch? The main reason is that cooked food can take much longer to digest, and our bodies have to work harder to process it. That’s because cooking kills off the enzymes in plant […]

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