Protecting against Prostate Cancer

Years of accumulated toxins such as chemicals, infectants and heavy metals can cause glands such as the prostate gland to prematurely deteriorate as if from advanced age. One way toxins do this is by changing the body’s environment, making it more acidic, which creates an ideal environment for free radicals and the growth of cancerous cells, as well as for parasites and other pathogens.

The only way to avoid these toxic effects on the prostate is through detoxification. You can do this naturally by eating lots of fresh, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits, drinking lots of filtered or good spring water (tea, coffee and juices do not count), exerising every day and keeping your home as free as possible of food additives and environmental and domestic chemicals. Also, avoid cigarette smoke as it contains high levels of radioactive elements.

If your past diet and environment has been less than pristine, or you were regularly exposed to car, petrol or other toxic fumes; cleaning agents; farm chemicals or other toxins in your home or workplace, then your body will need help getting rid of accumulated toxins.

Research has shown that lymphatic detoxification helps prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer. By helping the body eliminate acidifying toxins more quickly, lymphatic detoxification helps to restore your body’s pH to more alkaline condition. This enables the growth of the beneficial intestinal bacteria (flora) which play an important role in protecting your body from infection, parasites and inflammation, and also creates an inner environment that inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

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