More Reasons to Fix Gut Problems

Your gut lining, mucous and skin system are your primary defences against toxins, allergens and infectious agents. These natural barriers prevent harmful or irritating substances from directly entering your system, where they can spread infection and disease, and importantly, trigger an allergic reaction by your overstressed immune system.

One of your body’s major barriers against disease and allergies is your gut, yet thewall lining of your gut is only 1 cell layer thick. Normally, the cells of the gut lining are firmly held together with tight junctions. However, poor digestion, infection, enzyme deficiency, parasites, yeasts, drugs … and toxins … can cause the intestinal wall to become inflamed, which , making it more permeable than normal (a condition called leaky gut syndrome). When that happens, undigested food particles and bacteria and toxins can escape into the bloodstream before being processed in the gut.
Now, your immune system sees these foreign substances as antigens or invaders, and sends out its army of antibodies to attach to them and immobilize them. This antigen-antibody combination is known as a circulating immune complex (CIC).
 In a healthy person, CICs are neutralized, but if the immune system is weak, CIC’s accumulate in the blood, stressing the immune system, which responds with an allergic reaction. If the leaky gut is not healed, more CICs can settle in soft tissues, joints or your lungs, causing more inflammation, and leading to more and more  severe allergies.
Healing the gut barrier helps to break this self-perpetuating allergy cycle. A Healthy Gut can help Prevent Allergies, and can also help protect against immune and autoimmune disorders. So don’t just tolerate your gut problems. Get them treated, naturally and safely.


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