How Safe are Your Medications?

I know many of you are grateful for the medications that you take to keep you healthy, but many medications come with high health risks, and can cause permanent damage to organs or other parts of the body.

Statin drugs, for example, can cause muscle breakdown, resulting in muscle pain, pain in the shoulders or jaw, and kidney problems as the kidneys struggle to cope with the additional waste of destroyed muscle fibres. One patient told me that her mother reacted so badly to a combination of prescribed medications that she went into toxic shock, and her stomach had to be pumped. In fact, research shows that prescibed medications rank high in the main causes of death.

It might be wise to question the need to be taking so many drugs at one time, and whether you are actually benefiting from them. Talk to your doctor. Ask questions, and don’t assume that if a drug is prescribed, it’s safe. Drug companies make billions of dollars a year and work hard to push their products to doctors and pharmacists… it’s just business. The consumer…and many doctors…are simply in the dark about what some of these drugs really do.

Over the years, I have found that changing a person’s diet, correcting nutrient deficiencies, regular exercise and stress management techniques are often enough to eliminate the need for strong medications. With these changes, a person can often move forward from just symptom relief to real health improvement. Where additional support is needed to improve the elimination of toxins, I find energetically imprinted CHI products to be very gentle and beneficial for the body. You can find them at

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