Foods that Actually Help Shed Excess Weight

Going hungry because you’re trying to lose weight? Statistically, that makes you much more likely to get off track and start eating more than you should. Eating less will certainly help you lose weight, but you don’t have to go hungry. Instead, eat more of the foods that actually help flush fat and toxins from your body, and clean your cells. These include dark green vegetables, dark leafy greens (eg. turnip greens, radish leaves, dandelion leaves, swiss chard, bok choy etc), squash, carrots, sea vegetables, onions, green onions, and fresh herbs. Eat as many of these as you can raw. Raw plant foods are rich in enzymes, little proteins that help digestion and help remove toxins.

Also eat high quality protein with every meal…small quantities of lean meat, fish, eggs, tofu.
Here is a simple recipe from a Master of Medical Qi Gong Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, who uses food as a key element in his healing programs. He says this recipe helps prevent fat from accumulating in the body. He also uses it to lower cholesterol and treat hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and edema, and to help clear congestion.
 Kelp Egg Drop Soup
Serves 3
1 cup of soaked kelp (dried kelp soaked in water)     ½ cup fresh coriander
2 eggs                                                                                 3 teaspoons of green onion pieces
1 tablespoon sesame oil                                               2 tablespoons soy sauce
7 cups of chicken broth                                                   ½ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon white cooking wine                               1 teaspoon pepper
1 cup cooked white rice
Cut the kelp into short strips (approx 2 x 3 cm)
Roughly cut the coriander
Beat the eggs well
Heat sesame oil in wok or deep pan over medium heat; slide in green onions and stir fry for 10 seconds
Add in soy sauce
Pour in broth and bring to a boil
Add kelp and salt
Add cooked white rice and coriander, and bring to boil
Add in whipped eggs and mix well
Sprinkle on cooking wine and pepper
Remove from heat and serve.