3 Ways to Cut Out Junk Foods

Let’s face it. Junk food is addictive. It’s fast, easy, and loaded with chemicals to make it taste, look and feel better …in other words, to disguise its insipid, bland, ugly deadness. Without all those artificial flavourings, texturizers and colours, it would look as dead as it really is.

You’re not deceived though. You’re trying to eat more real foods. But you still crave junk foods. Here are some tips to help end those cravings once and for all:

1. Create a junk-free environment

Clear out all junk food from your home, all of it. Make it so that when you open the cupboard or fridge, you find only good, wholesome food. Make it so that if you want junk food, you have to make an effort to get to it.

2. Don’t let yourself get hungry

Eat small healthy meals throughout the day to ward off hunger pangs. Your body will have a steady supply of energy, which means it won’t suddenly feel like it’s starving, and crave high calorie foods. Give it the calories (energy), nutrients and healthy fats it needs, and it won’t find junk food appealing.

3. Think about what you eat.

Don’t be a mindless eater. Instead, remind yourself that the calories and fats in junk foods are not only empty of nutrients…they are also harmful. The body doesn’t want empty calories, so bits of junk food are often poorly digested, clogging up your system so that nutrients from the good foods you eat  can’t get to where they are needed.

Remember that junk food is NOT food…and whatever food is in there has been thoroughly killed and chemicalized. You might as well be eating paper. If you still want it, eat something healthy first to nourish your body. Than junk food certainly won’t!


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